Video Game Review – ROGUE WARRIOR (ps3)

Rogue Warrior

Rogue Warrior is a dumb game. I actually played all the way through this game. I must be a dumb gamer?

Well, at least the game is short. I think I finished this in just over two hours! LOL

Umm, it’s rather pedestrian, by-the-numbers and uninteresting. It’s also quite buggy. Supposedly a tactical first-person shooter, but it’s very light on with strategy and tactics.

Our main character is voiced by Mickey Rourke. That is the ONLY positive for this game.

It has multi-player, but you will quickly lose any online friends if you make them play a few death-match games with you.

This game should not have been released. I got this for $20 and still feel ripped-off.

score: 4 out of 10.


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