San Diego Comic-Con 2009

SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2009 booklet
SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2009 booklet

I had a great time, the weather was nice, San Diego is a great city, I spent LOTS of money!

This is some of the things I got …

BARONESS (GI JOE) 12 inch SDCC 2009 exclusive “doll” figure = likeness of Sienna Miller
APRIL O’NEIL (TMNT 25th Anniversary) SDCC 2009 exclusive figure = this figure is based on the comic, not the cartoon.
AKKULI (Seventh Kingdom) blue feline SDCC 2009 exclusive figure
and a couple other action figures, as plenty of sellers were doing 2 for $10 deals, etc.
I would have loved to buy more toys, but my suitcase is only so big! rolleyes_anim.gif

MOUSE GUARD volume 2 hardcover signed by David Peterson, for only US$15!
DEAD @ 17 ultimate edition tpb signed by Josh Howard
NORTHLANDERS volume 2 tpb signed by Brian Wood (he had this on sale before actual release to shops)
and a couple other hardcovers/tpbs signed by some indie creators no one has ever heard from!
and several tpbs from a seller doing tpbs $6 each or 5 for $25 (and was also selling all hardcovers for $10 each). I picked up some Dark Horse CONAN tpbs I wanted. happystrange.png In hindsight, I should have bought a crap load of the Dark Horse STAR WARS tpbs they had. Oh well, next time! shiftyeyes_anim.gif

I attended about 20 panels, some comic-related (on Thurs and Fri), the rest TV-related (Sat and Sun).

The comic panel I attended:

Bill Sienkiewicz = I’m more into writers than artists, but Sienkiewicz is the artist I admire the most.
Kevin Eastman = I’m not really a big TMNT fan, by Eastman spoke with much grace and was surprisingly humble before the large group of attendees that sat for his panel.
Comic Podcasting panel = with JLAFAN BoB Bretal, CGS’ Pants and Charlito for Indie Spinner Rack (among others).
Mike Allred = I love this guy.
Mark Evanier/Marv Wolfman = Wolfman is witty, while Evanier is all ass. PM me if you want me to elaborate.
David Yardin = I gave up seeing Gene Colan’s panel to watch Yardin do his “how to” on cover design. Luckily it was excellent and I feel proud of being an Aussie when Yardin presents himself so professionally before an eager audience. Yardin spoiling the next 6 months of X-Factor might take a bit longer for me to forgive, tho! laughingsmiley.gif
Darwyn Cooke = I doubt there is a more classier guy in comics than this guy.
Media Writers Tie-In Awards with Max Allan Collins = this was good fun and I learnt lots from this, too.
Dynamite Entertainment = This was very disappointing and almost waste of time. After the panel I did go up to Doug Murray to shake his hand, telling him how much I loved The ‘Nam series in the 80s. He looked scared of me. shiftyeyes_anim.gif

the TV panels I went to were … Chuck, Family Guy/Cleveland Show/American Dad, Simpsons/Futurama, V (screening of pilot to new series), True Blood, Fringe, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Robot Chicken, The Middleman (which was a live reading of the “lost” finale of the series).

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