Terry Moore’s ECHO volume 1 – Moon Lake tpb

ECHO volume 1 Moon Lake tpb
ECHO volume 1 Moon Lake tpb

Moon Lake contains the first five issues of Terry Moore’s ECHO series, published by Abstract Studio.

I previously read issues 1, 2 and 3, as they were coming out… but decided to then go “wait for the trade”, once this first volume was solicited.

I greatly enjoy this series, and despite it being somewhat a slow burn, I also really appreciate the character development and superb artwork of the comic.

One thing that came across when re-reading the early chapters is the cinematic nature of the story.  I can easily visualize this comic book being adapted to film.

My only criticism is that perhaps not enough actual action occurred across the five issues, with this first trade paperback works more like a teaser to the entire series, rather than being a single self-contained tale.

By the conclusion of the book, we are left with an unlimited amount of possibilities for the future, though I’m sure Terry Moore has crafted many plot elements for him to expand this series into a much larger and longer thing.

Nonetheless, I gladly recommend this comic book, due to the combination for outstanding artwork and finely-tuned storytelling.

So, I’ll continue to “wait for the trade”, being hopeful that a volume two will not to be too far away.

8 out of 10.


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