David Lapham’s YOUNG LIARS volume 1 “Daydream Believer” tpb

Young Liars volume 1 tpb
Young Liars volume 1 tpb

“Daydream Believer” collects the first six issues of Vertigo series YOUNG LIARS, written and drawn by David Lapham (best known for his long running indie comic series STRAY BULLETS).

Young Liars centers around a group of 20-somethings in modern day New York City, though the story quickly expands to other parts of America and the world.  This group of characters all have disturbing secrets about themselves, that they keep from the others, and even the readers are left to decide what is true and what are lies.

Oh boy, where do I start describing this one?

The main protagonists of the series appear to be Danny and Sadie, with their odd relationship and obvious reliability upon each other, despite the constant mischief that Sadie finds herself in.

The comic’s style, structure and story is rather unique.  Various segments are shown in flashback, and their is constant jumping around in time-line.  All the while, you ain’t sure what the truth is … or perhaps it’s all true?  (from a certain point of view!)

I mostly enjoyed this trade paperback, the writing is sincere and the art is exciting.

Will I be back for volume 2?   Maybe.  It’s just a matter of deciding whether or not I want to be continually toyed with?  At the very least, this series offers something different from the “norm”, so that can’t be a bad thing!

7 out of 10.


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