NORTHLANDERS volume 1 “Sven The Returned” tpb

This first trade paperback of Vertigo’s comic series NORTHLANDERS, collects the 8 part epic “Sven The Returned”.

NORTHLANDERS volume 1 tpb
NORTHLANDERS volume 1 tpb

Circa A.D. 980, an accomplished Viking named Sven returns to his family estates in Orkney, with the intention to claim his inheritance stolen by his ruthless uncle Gorm.

Considered as either an outsider or a traitor, Sven embarks on a one-man war against his uncle’s army, soon amassing support from unlikely sources.

Collecting 8 issues at under US$10, this trade paperback was always going to get a favorable reaction, unless it was truly unreadable.

Incredibly, “Sven The Returned” just happens to be one of the greatest comic book stories one could possibly ever read!

Wonderfully written by Brian Wood, so poetic, it’s simultaneously beautiful and beautiful.  The words are awesome.  The dialog is brilliant.  The story is an instant classic.

Art by Italian Davide Gianfelice is equally superb; equally brutal and equally beautiful.

The complete comic book experience.

Most definitely one of the best of the comic book experiences of 2008.

9 out of 10.


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