Kannazuki no Miko #2 (of 2) GN

Kannazuki no Miko volume 2 GNMy response to the first volume was so unfavorable, it took me three months to get around to buying and reading the concluding volume of Kannazuki no Miko, given that it was actually released July 2008.

Did this improve? Perhaps slightly, but my problems with it still persists. Mostly due to WAY TOO MUCH TALKING!!!

In terms of story-telling, this is one of the messiest and confusing manga I’ve ever read. Even though the story itself was quite interesting and original. However, the sci-fi mecha robot stuff just seemed out of place in what is really a mystical/spiritual tale with the touch of yuri.

The final couple of chapters are actually excellent, but this is not enough to save the entire saga for me.

I still might seek out the anime instead. It will surely make better sense?

And there certainly has to better yuri manga out there, too?

Reading manga should be entertaining and enlightening. This felt like a chore.

6 out of 10.

Kannazuki no Miko is Rated Mature 18+ for Explicit Sexuality, Sexual Full Body Nudity, Mild Gore and Explicit Fanservice.


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