On the recent flight home from my overseas holiday, I managed to view The FORBIDDEN KINGDOM.  After being home for a couple weeks, I’ve managed to secure a DVD of the film, allowing me to re-watch and closer analyze the movie.

My initial reaction after seeing the film was very positive, as I gained an emotional attachment to the story’s characters and greatly enjoyed the overall homage to the genre.  On repeating viewing of the movie, my reaction has not changed.  I really love this film!

The film re-tells the famous Monkey King story, one the most well-known and popular tales in Chinese culture, and along the way pays respect to a slew of martial art films, cliche characters and corny ideas of yesteryear.

Jackie Chan and Jet Li share equal billing, but this is actually an American directed film, with a mostly English-language performance.  The movie pays equal homage to American films, from Wizard of Oz to Karate Kid.

I’ve read some criticism of the film by many people around the internet.  I’m actually not sure what their problem is with this film?

Are they looking for something original?  = Sorry folks, but pretty much all martial art films have the same revenge/quest storyline.

Did they want more Jet Li and Jackie Chan?  = Well, I would think that both actors occupied as much as 90% of the film, altogether.

Upset that Asian actors are speaking English? = Umm.. clearly this is an American film for an English-speaking audience.

Lighten up people.  This is an instant classic!

9 out of 10.


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