GOTH (manga version by Tokyopop)

GOTH manga - tokyopop - graphic novel
GOTH manga - tokyopop - graphic novel

Released last month by Tokyopop is the English-translated manga GOTH, which was originally a novel of six connected stories written by Otsu-ichi in 2003.  This one-shot volume collects four of those stories (omitting the other two from the original novel), spread over five chapters.

This manga is released with a Mature 18+ rating, for moderate violence, excessive gore and moderate sexual violence.  The graphic novel retains the original Japanese right-to-left reading.

Goth follows two high school students; a boy named Boku and a girl named Morino, who both share an unusual interest with nearby gruesome murders.  Both of them harbor deep, dark secrets, but their bond is mostly an unspoken fascination for the macabre.

The structure of the book is a narration by Boku, so this provides the reader with a sympathetic understanding and insight of someone that is clearly not normal.  In this respect, it is quite similar to the Dexter television show (a series that I love!).

I greatly enjoyed the writing, and felt compelled to read the entire manga in one sitting.  The art by Kendi Oiwa is mostly highly detailed and exciting, but occasionally I was confused about which character was on the page (though, this was sometimes intentional, and part of the story-telling).

Overall, this was a very satisfying read, with the “twist” on the final pages of each chapter usually catching me by surprise, or at least, giving me something to ponder.  Certainly worth a re-read, too.

7.5 out of 10.


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