At the COMIC GEEK SPEAK SUPER SHOW at Reading, PA I met the very friendly writer Zack Kruse, and bought a couple pages of original comic page art from issue 1 of The CONTINGENT, drawn by Zeu.

The art pages are only A4 paper, thus only represent a half of the comic book page, each.

It’s interesting for me to compare the art pages next to the final printed page.  In both these cases, the art is flipped.
For the second page, the art is used for the top and bottom panel of the page (so I guess another art page makes up the middle part in-between).

The art is originally drawn by green pencil, before being inked.  Look at the top panel of the second page, and you can see that the fencing has been green pencil drawn, but not inked.  In the final page, the fencing actually seems to run across at different spots (as if that component has not been flipped like the rest of the art).


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