Get Smart, Hancock and PS3.. oh my!

Ok, it’s been over a week since my last post, so I have some catching up to do!

It was my birthday on June 29 (actually, it’s on that date EVER year!), and my wife got me a PlayStation 3 console and the Grand Theft Auto 4 game.  That last sentence alone should be enough reason to explain my lack of activity on this blog.  I’m trav73 on the PlayStation Network, for anyone that wants to take me on!

However, I’ve actually been SUPER busy with lots of things, and managed to see a few movies at the cinema, too…

GET SMART – This was fun, mostly enjoyable, but certainly nothing special.  Steve Carell is great.. he usually us.  Anne Hathaway did nothing for me, though.   7 out of 10.

HANCOCK – Will Smith and the remainder of the cast are great in this, however once the “obvious” plot twist arrived, the movie went into a descending spiral direction.  This movie could have been done in 1,000 better ways, so I feel disappointed in what was actually delivered.  6 out of 10.

In-between those movies I re-visited INCREDIBLE HULK, and I still really love this film.  After RAMBO, definitely one of my fave movies of 2008, despite some blatant flaws.  I’m looking forward to the DVD release already!

Comic-wise, I’ve decided to drop back my weekly/monthly purchasing of “floppy” comics, and just concentrate on hardcovers and trade paperback collections, as their offer more satisfying experiences, as well as being financially smarter option.  Given that I’m 95% “wait for the trade”, this ain’t really such a drastic decision.

So, no more FX for me (even though there was only 2 more issues to go), though I will finish off most other mini-series I’ve been buying.  I’ll probably switch to “wait for trade” with ongoing series, like Echo, but I’m not sure about Trinity?  Perhaps I’ll let it go for a few weeks, then re-try it.

I have read several things, so I’ll try to update the blog during this week with all that…


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