The VINYL UNDERGROUND volume 1 tpb

The Vinyl Underground volume 1 tpbThe VINYL UNDERGROUND volume 1 “Watching The Detectives” tpb contains the first 5 issues of the on-going Vertigo comic book series.

Set in modern-day London, Morrison Shephard leads a vigilante crew determined to solve crime and dish out justice, even if it means taking the law into their own hands.  It’s a stylish, yet gritty, comic book, in which our main “hero” characters have as many flaws as the killers they chase.

“Watching The Detectives” follows Shephard’s search for the killer of a young boy, in which his ex-fiancee’s father is framed for the murder.  The larger story is Morrison’s search for his mother, who went missing when he was at the age of five, though it can be said that his overall quest is for the truth.

Superbly written by Si Spencer, it’s an intelligent script, and each character had a clear, definable and unique voice. The artwork by Simon Gane has all the explicit shock value that Vertigo are well known for and illustrates the action scenes with great energy, but at times the art looks awkward when it’s just heads talking.

I’ve been looking forward to start reading this series since it first began, and I’m really pleased it did not fail my expectations.  Priced at under $10, there is no excuse for anyone not to give this a try.

7.5 out of 10.


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