FABLES volume 10 “The Good Prince” tpb

Fables volume 10 \I’ll confess, not only is Fables my favorite comic book being made today, it’s also my favorite comic book series EVER! Bill Willingham’s expert writing is flawless, intelligent and genuinely inspiring.

Even when the series has rarely been “only” good, it’s still manages to much better than the majority of other stuff that gets published in the industry.

Reading this series from tpb to tpb is simultaneously a frustrating and joyous experience. Frustrating = waiting for a long time for the next volume (in this case it’s been a full year since volume 9 came out*), but joyous at experiencing an epic, complete story arc of high excellence.

Volume 10 collects issues 60 to 69 of the ongoing series, published by Vertigo, with 9 chapters telling “The Good Prince” storyline.

Humble janitor Flycatcher sets out on having revenge against the Adversary that has ruined his life, with the help of the ghost of Sir Lancelot, who is seeking redemption from his past mistakes. Encourage an army of the dead to follow, Flycatcher creates the sovereign realm of Haven, where he is pronounced King Amborse the First.

It’s an incredible tale, with many stunning moments of brilliance. A story about belief and perseverance, with external factors determined to shatter the resolve of Flycatcher’s faith.

Even by Fables high standards, “The Good Prince” is an instant classic, and among the finest issues of the entire series.

9 out of 10.

* Fortunately, volume 11 is only five more months away, scheduled for release at November , 2008.


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