Edward Norton is The INCREDIBLE HULK

Today I saw The Incredible Hulk and was pleasantly surprised to experience a fantastic and beautiful cinematic film.

The movie quickly rushes through the “origin” during the opening credits, until we find Bruce Banner on the run from the USA government, hiding-out in Brazil. The on-location filming in Rio really helps the film settle into being realistic and honest.

The script is snappy, with some memorable lines, and the performance of the entire cast superb.

Plenty of in-jokes and references to the original TV series and comic books, that makes a fan-boy like me very happy. The brief “clip” of Bill Bixby is an awesome moment, and the Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno cameos were well integrated and seamless.

A good film score from Craig Armstrong, which starts strongly establishing the main theme during the opening section, and his inclusion of “The Lonely Man” motif from the television series thoughtful.

I’m not suggesting this film was flawless, but it did hit all the necessary marks to make this one of the best film experiences of 2008.

Marvel Studios are 2 for 2!

8 out of 10.


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