The WALKING DEAD Book Three hardcover

Waling Dead book 3 hardcoverThe third WALKING DEAD hardcover collection contains issues 25 to 36 of the ongoing Image Comics series.

Rick Grimes and his crew observe a helicopter crash-landing in the distance, and go to investigate, hoping to meet some surviving non-zombies. Unfortunately, like always, a series of Grimes’ decisions and actions puts himself and the people he’s protecting in greater danger than ever before.

Chapter 5 – The Best Defense (25 to 30) and Chapter 6 – The Sorrowful Life (31 to 36) is probably the most brutal and demoralizing issues of the series, yet. Most of all, every time there is a sign of hope, it quickly gets crushed and turned against them. Heart-breaking, at times.

The series continues to be excellent, extremely consistent and brilliantly written by Robert Kirkman.

How long will I have to wait for the 4th hardcover book?

8.5 out of 10.


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