The WALKING DEAD Book Two hardcover

The Walking Dead book two hardcoverThe second WALKING DEAD hardcover collection contains issues 13 to 24 of the ongoing Image Comics series.

Having stumbled across an “abandoned” prison, Rick Grimes and his crew set up base, hoping their gated communities will keep the zombies out long enough for some civilization to survive!

Unfortunately, many relationships of the group start to fracture, and poor decision-making from Rick results in more devastation and carnage. The zombies maybe on the outside, but inside the group seem to be tearing each other apart!

This is a superb series, I really love the dialog between our characters and the exploration of broken relationships as a result of the intense pressures of their situations.

Writer Robert Kirkman adds more characters, which adds to the dynamic of the enviroment, but also kills as many off, so as not to overwhelm the reader with too many things.

Overall, the first 24 issues could be easily done as a feature film, or even a short episodic TV series, with the finale of issue 24 a great epitaph to the entire series.

8 out of 10.


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