BOOSTER GOLD volume 1 “52 Pick-Up” hardcover

Booster Gold - Volume 1 - 52 Pick-Up hardcoverI’ve heard many good things about the new Booster Gold series, and have patiently waited about a year for this hardcover collection release of Volume 1 “52 Pick-Up”.

Rip Hunter sets Booster Gold the task of repairing irregularities in time-line continuity, that have originated since the formation of the 52 universes of the DC multi-verse!

Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz constructs a complex, highly-detailed and intelligent time-jumping storyline that has many brilliant moments. Along the way, there is always humor and sincere, heart-felt feelings.

Even Jonah Hex gets a cameo role, and issue 5 is the highlight of the book (a look back at Alan Moore’s KILLING JOKE).

Dan Jurgens, the creator of Booster Gold, is the artist for the series. Dan Jurgens just happens to be one of the best artists working in the industry today. So it’s the complete package! 🙂

This is easily one of the most memorable and awesome reading experience of 2008!

9 out of 10.


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