The EXTERMINATORS volume 4 Crossfire And Collateral

The Exterminators volume 4 \I’ve really enjoyed The Exterminators so far, even though the comic is probably the biggest “slow burn” of all time!

This volume 4 tpb collects issues 17 to 23.

Issues 17 and 18 is the 2-part story “Showdown At Scatshot”. It is possibly the most boring and annoying issues of the series, thus far. It may even be the reason why Vertigo has decided to “finish up” the series at issue 30 (instead of 50).

Issues 19 to 23 , the 5-part epic “Crossfire and Collateral”, is a great return to form and overall focus. Issue 20 in particular is one of the best issues of the entire series.

The biggest frustration with the series is that a lot more could have been done quicker. Though I do enjoy the patient, slow burn of the series, there are many times the comic appears to get side-tracked on things that are less interesting and perhaps pointless (time will tell).  I’m sure what has taken 23 issues could also be done in about 10!

There is 7 issues to go, meaning one more tpb. How this series ends will greatly determine its value and effectiveness. Let’s hope it wasn’t all just a big waste of time!

7 out of 10.


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