SHE-HULK “Jaded” premiere hardcover

She-Hulk \She-Hulk “Jaded” collects issues 22 to 27. This contains the beginning of the writing run of Peter David, which has earned the series an upgrade from trade paperback to Marvel’s premiere hardcover format.

Jennifer Walters is no longer a lawyer, but now working as a fugitive recovery officer, effectively working as a bounty hunter capturing villains that skip bail!

Along for the ride on her many road-trips, is her best pal Jazinda, a Skrull on the run from everyone, human and her own species included.

It’s an interesting turn in direction by Peter David, as She-Hulk’s new vocation certainly opens up more opportunities for action and adventure.

However, what we have lost from Dan Slott’s amazing run is the in-joke cleverness and overall humour that made the series a joy. Peter David definitely knows how to write funny stuff, but in these opening issues just has not yet settled right into the character properly.

7.5 out of 10.


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