BOMB QUEEN volume 4 Suicide Bomber

Bomb Queen volume 4 \"Suicide Bomber\"Bomb Queen is one of my favorite comic book series, but I felt started to lose focus with volume 3, as it began taking itself too seriously, becoming involved within the Image Universe continuity.

Volume 4 “Suicide Bomber” is a superb return to form, as we see out Bomb Queen at her best, totally outsmarting her opposition.

Though it continues to tie into other Image Comic characters and events, I felt this was done on creator Jimmie Robinson’s terms, and was helpful to the story.

Also, its one of the comics I can dwell longer on the page, as I love looking at the background images, signs and characters.  There is plenty of in-jokes and social commentary that goes between the written script.

I love you – Bomb Queen, come back soon! 🙂

8 out of 10.


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