Witchblade Takeru Manga tpbWitchblade Takeru Manga tpb collects the 12 volume manga series, as published by Top Cow.

Re-formatted left-to-right (with permission and co-operation of the original Japanese artists) and re-colored for this English language version, this collection is an awesome experience of vivid action and ultra sexiness within comics!

Young high school student Takeru discovers she is the bearer of the ancient Witchblade weapon, as a group of demons from the forest begin slaughtering villagers, and how is the US Government involved?

Takeru’s life becomes complicated when her lifelong best friend Kou battles with his realization of being from a bloodline of demon slayers, as he might need to destroy the Witchblade, and the love of his life!

This is a fantastic reading experience, very exciting, though extremely blood-thirsty, too. There is enough up-skirt panels to satisfy most manga fanboys, also!

Over 400 full color pages for US$20, this is one of the best comic book purchases of the year!

8 out of 10.


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