X-Men Messiah CompleXX-MEN Messiah CompleX hardcover collects the 13 chapter storyline from MESSIAH COMPLEX one-shot, UNCANNY X-MEN #492-494, X-MEN #205-207, NEW X-MEN #44-46 and X-FACTOR #25-27.

Continuing after the events of Endangered Species, the X-Men have detected their first (and very powerful) new mutant in years. Making this new mutant more remarkable, is that its powers have manifested at birth, rather than at puberty.

The chase is on, as mutants and non-mutant groups are all in the race to secure this mutant baby, all with a different agenda in mind.

This is a good story, certainly fast paced, but also heavy duty; this is a X-Men book for the hardcore X-men fan. We see the re-birth of the X-Force team, and an overall restructure of all X-teams for the near-future.

In the end, time will tell on how significant the events of Messiah CompleX is for the X-Men history. Personally, I feel the story should have delivered a bit more, and certainly could have also been done within half the time.

At a cost of US$40, this is not a purchase to be taken lightly, either.

7 out of 10.


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