HULK: The End premiere hardcover

The End marvel premiere edition #8 hardcoverHULK: The End premiere hardcover collects the two-part prestige format “Future Imperfect” from 1992-1993, art by George Perez, plus the 2002 one-shot special “The End” (aka “The Last Titan”) art by Dale Keown, both tales written by Peter David.

Both of these Peter David tales show a Hulk in the future, and though they have similar components, do no directly relate.

Future Imperfect” has modern-day Hulk time travel 100 years into the future, to a Earth that is a dystopia, ruled by a tyrant that enforces fear over the people of the planet. The Hulk is enlisted by resistance fighters to help break the stranglehold of that merciless ruler!

The End” is another tale in the future, in which Banner is the last man on Earth, and must battle his inner-demons, as his Hulk alter ego hampers his attempts to end his meaningless existence.

Both stories are great reads, and nobody writes the Hulk better than Peter David. Future Imperfect features a stunning 2-page splash page from Perez than even the artist recalls as one of his favorite art moments.

The stories are connected by the Hulk’s eternal problem – he is always battling himself.

There have been plenty of good Hulk stories written over the many, many years, but only a few of them are truly memorable. Peter David’s tales in this hardcover ARE memorable, as well as being excellent, and make a good reason why any Hulk fan should pick this up! 🙂

7.5 out of 10.


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