JONAH HEX “Only The Good Die Young” tpb

Jonah Hex - Only The Good Die Young“Only The Good Die Young” is the 4th tpb volume of DC Comics’ JONAH HEX, containing issues 19 to 24.

Brilliantly written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, JONAH HEX would have to be the one of the best and most consistent comic book series currently being published.

It is no easy task to create original stories in a genre that appears to have exhausted all possibilities, but Gray and Palmiotti always manage to twist new and unique ways to explore this character and his environment.

Issue 22 “The Current War” is the highlight of this collection, as Jonah Hex come face-to-face with Thomas Edison. A terrific tale, that touches on actual real people and events, all the while hinting that Hex’s “old west” is soon evolving into something else.

A wonderful comic book series.

8 out of 10.


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