The UN-MEN volume 1 “Get Your Freak On!” tpb

The Un-Men volume 1 - Get You Freak On! tpbGet Your Freak On” collects the first 5 issues of the Vertigo title The UN-MEN, written by John Whalen with art by Mike Hawthorne.

The Un-Men is a Swamp Thing spin-off that originated many, many years ago, created by comic book industry legends Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson.

Aberrance is a self-contained district inhabited by freaks of nature, some naturally born, others surgically created. Only days before a new “reality television show” featuring the town goes live to air, a dead “freak” citizen is found many miles outside of the city. Kilcrop, a special government agent who happens to be a freak himself (African-American Albino), enters Aberrance seeking answers.

This is wonderfully written by John Whalen. The script and dialog is clever, as I was always caught unaware by the numerous plot twists. Nothing can be faulted with Mike Hawthorne’s art either, as he had already proved his knack for the macabre and grotesque with his previous work on The Exterminators and Umbra.

So, at the base level, The Un-Men is a murder-mystery with a conspiracy/cult plot. Looking deeper, it’s also a profound judgement on what it is to be human. Overall, a bloody good comic.

8 out of 10.


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