RED SONJA “Travels” tpb

Red Sonja \RED SONJA “Travels” tpb collects four separate one-shot Red Sonja tales published by Dynamite Entertainment.

This long awaited trade paperback (it was initially scheduled for release in mid/late 2007) contains the one-shot comics “One More Day”, “Red Sonja Goes East”, “Monster Isle” and “Vacant Shell”.

“One More Day” is the best of the tales, as Sonja is honor bound to serve a King that in her past was a much loved Prince. Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, this tale captures the perfect essence of the character. One page in particular is among the finest written of all Red Sonja comics I’ve ever read, in which Sonja details her backstory with the King yet also firmly enforces her philosophy and existence. Brilliant.

“Red Sonja Goes East” is a fun tale from Ron Marz, in which Sonja covertly delivers justice to a sex-bored ruler of an Eastern Empire.

“Monster Isle” by writer Roy Thomas, finds ship-wrecked Sonja washed-up on an island inhabited by bizarre humanoid animal creatures, in what turns out to be a warped retelling of the Island of Dr Moreau.

“Vacant Shell” is a spooky tale, typical of writer Rick Remender, as Sonja battles ghosts and is soon reminded that no one can be trusted.

Overall, four very different tales with four drastically different art styles, but it integrates into a great book that can be recommended to both new and old fans of Red Sonja.

8 out of 10.

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