The WALKING DEAD Book One hardcover

The Walking Dead - Book OneThe WALKING DEAD Book One hardcover contains the first 12 issues of Robert Kirkman’s black & white Image Comics series.

Small town cop Rick Grimes is shot in the line of duty and wakes up from the subsequent coma a month later to find his town filled with dead and the undead. Searching for his wife and kid, Rick uncounters a world over-run with Zombies, along with many strange people trying to survive!

This is one of those series that many friends (and strangers) have highly recommended, but I’ve never got around to reading… until now!

There is a lot of like about this comic. Robert Kirkman’s story and script are well developed, as the comic surprisingly develops into a melodrama, rather than a simple gore-fest.

Art for the opening 6 issues is by Tony Moore and Charrlie Adlard takes over pencil duties from issue 7 onwards. Both artists show a wonderful flair for characterization and the black and white artform.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why this is so brilliant. It just is. Though I don’t have a strong emotional attachment to any of the characters, I do care about what happens to them next, and I’ll certainly seeking to read Book Two ASAP!

8 out of 10.


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