MARVEL ZOMBIES “Dead Days” hardcover

Marvel Zombies \

MARVEL ZOMBIES “Dead Days” hardcover collects the Dead Days one-shot, Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-#23, #30-#32 and Black Panther #28-#30. All up, a reasonable size hardcover collecting ten issues.

The various Marvel Zombies series have been enjoyable, not to be taken too seriously, though they seem to have a life of their own nowadays.

The highlight of this hardcover is the origin of the Marvel Zombies from the Ultimate Fantastic Four issues, as they contain a very smart script and some surprisingly twists. Doctor Doom plays a pivotal role, and almost steals the show.

I found the one-shot and the Black Panther issues less interesting, as they seemed to be mostly pointless and mindless action without much reason. Though, those Zombie Skrulls are interesting! :O

Of all the Marvel Zombies hardcovers released thus far, “Dead Days” is the best (thanks to those U.F.F. issues), but having said that, I’m totally sick to death of the concept, and I’m not sure if I’m going to bother with the upcoming Marvel Zombies 2.

7.5 out of 10.


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