X-Men - Endangered SpeciesX-MEN “ENDANGERED SPECIES” hardcover contains the one-shot Prologue special and the 17 chapter storyline that was presented as back-up pages of X-Men 200-204, Uncanny X-Men 488-491, X-Factor 21-24 and New X-Men 40-42.

Since the House of M event, with Scarlet Witch’s immortal NO MORE MUTANTS words, as well as decimating the mutant population, no new mutants have emerged since.

Fearing extinction for mutantkind, Hank McCoy (aka Beast) travels to various locations, trying to find answers, in order to reverse the Scarlet Witch’s magic, or attempt to kickstart mutation artificially.  This is very much a Hank McCoy story, even though it’s also designed to be prelude to the Messiah CompleX storyline.

I’ve read plenty of X-Men comics over the past several years, with a majority of them hugely disappointing. This does not disappoint. Endangered Species is superb, in fact.

Replacing mindless action and convoluted plot devices with an intelligent script and unique ideas.

Ideas. That is what attracted the X-Men to me when I was a teenager. Ideas. To present a concept that is left-of-field, fourth-wall, and willing to break through it.

This is the kind of X-Men I want to read.

But not recommended to anyone that doesn’t enjoy reading and thinking. 😛

8 out of 10.


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