SPIDER-MAN “One More Day” hardcover

Spider-Man - One More DaySPIDER-MAN “One More Day” hardcover contains issues 544-545, FNSM 24, Sensational 41.

Even weeks after reading this rubbish, I still can’t find the right words to express my total disappointment of what Joe Quesada has done to Spider-Man here.

It’s so poorly written, it’s hard to believe it came from J. Michael Straczynski? And I’ve never been a fan of Quesada’s art, anyway.

Peter Parker is faced with the choice, erase his marriage to Mary Jane to save his Aunt May.

It doesn’t make sense.

Adding insult to injury, Marvel priced this hardcover $5 more than the normal “premiere edition hardcover” price. Pricks!

A total disgrace. 😦

2 out of 10.


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