NEW AVENGERS volume 2 deluxe hardcover

New Avengers deluxe hardcover volume 2The second deluxe over-sized hardcover of NEW AVENGERS contains issues 11 to 13, a story from Giant-Size Spider-Woman #1, 14 to 20 and Annual #1.

Issues 11 to 13 is the RONIN storyline, whereby the New Avengers travel to Japan and deal with a heap of ninja stuff. I didn’t enjoy this part of the book much. It seemed very un-Avengers.

Issues 14 and 15 is SECRETS & LIES, in which Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, comes clean on her returning powers and various affiliations.

Issues 16 to 20 is the massive COLLECTIVE storyline, in which the New Avengers deal with the side-effect of the HOUSE OF M event.

The hardcover concludes with Annual #1, the wedding of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, but not before a delay!

Overall, this was enjoyable, but not totally satisfying. There are plenty of times when the story seemed to be dragging slowly and some parts I found uninteresting.

7 out of 10.


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