IRON MAN “Doomquest”

Iron Man - DoomquestIRON MAN “Doomquest” contains issues 149, 150 and 249 and 250 of the original Iron Man comic book series, written by David Micheline. Issues 150 and 250 are double-sized issues, thus makes this premiere hardcover equivalent thickness of 6 standard issues.

Issues 149/150 see Iron Man and Doctor Doom thrown together back in time to Camelot, at the court of King Arthur. It’s a fun adventure, and it was interesting to see how both characters could adapt in a non-technological age. Issue 150 is notable for introducing Morgan Le Fay, an evil sorceress that would maintain a relationship with Doom in the years to come. A classic!

Issues 249/250 see the circumstance of Iron Man and Doctor Doom flung 100 years into the future! I found this story less interesting, mostly because future worlds of this nature always seem to date themselves in a weird way that takes the reader out of the comic book. However, I did find it interesting that Doctor Doom excelled in this environment, able to utilize the surrounding advanced technology to his advantage.

7.5 out of 10.


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