House of MThe HOUSE OF M over-sized hardcover contains the 8 issue mini-series plus the Secrets of the House of M #1, all from 2005.

The Scarlet Witch has lost her mind, literally, creating an alternative reality in which mutants are the dominant species of the world, and only a select few can remember the reality of before!

Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Olivier Coipel, the House of M is a complex drama containing many complication situations. Though some may have been confused about that is real, and what significance the event is for the Marvel Universe, there is little doubting the skillful crafting by Bendis.

The mini-series has many highlights, from issue 3 when Wolverine is the first to suspect this new world isn’t right, until the stunning issue 7, whereby Doctor Strange confronts the Scarlet Witch, with her total mental meltdown changing the course of all realities, without the immortal worlds …. “no more mutants”.

no more mutants

The House of M is at times a poetic piece of work, and if the event sits alone as a story that exists just with itself, then I’m fine with that. It has a lot to say about its world and its characters, yet provides lessons to be learnt for everyone, no matter what reality they like to believe…

8.5 out of 10.


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