The Creator Chronicles – BILL SIENKIEWICZ dvd

Bill Sienkiewicz dvd

I’m more about comic book writers, than comic book artists, yet there has been one artist who I have always gravitated towards, and that’s Bill Sienkiewicz.

One of the first comic books I ever bought was Star Wars #92, which featured his wonderful front cover painting.Star Wars #92 New Mutants was one of my favorite comic books, growing up in the 1980s, and Senkiewicz run wild with his imaginative, provocative and unique covers and interior artwork.

This DVD by Woodcrest Productions presents an interview with Sienkiewicz, in which he details his early years in the business working on Moon Knight, artistic influences and enthusiasm for the medium. Bill reveals that music has been a big influence and inspiration for his work, even though his tastes are very eclectic. I was delighted when he mention his interest in manga, specifically Uzumaki.

So, what does this DVD offer that podcast interviews can’t? Well, the visuals to go with what the creator is talking about is incredibly helpful, but seeing the artist passionately speak of his work adds an extra level of appreciation for their work.

Running Time: 105 mins, Video: NTSC, widescreen enhanced 1.85, all-region. US$24.95

Special Features: Audio Commentary by the director, 20 minute interview with creator Nathan Massengill (who’s been working in the comic book industry since the early 1990s and is best known for inking), previews of other Creator Chronicles DVDs (includes George Pérez, Mike Golden).

New Mutants Annual 1New Mutants #18New Mutants #22New Mutants #23New Mutants #25

8 out of 10.


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