RED SONJA volume 4 “Animals and More”

Red Sonja volume 4 hardcover

RED SONJA volume 4 “Animals & More” hardcover collects issues 19 to 24 of Dynamite Entertainment’s ongoing series.

Issues 19 to 21 present the “Animals” storyline, in which Sonja and her crew ventures into a kingdom ruled by animals, with the Lion-human breed the rulers of all on the land. Issues 22 to 24 is the “The Long Way Home” arc, whereby a voyage on the seas brings Sonja up against a whale god.

Despite two distinct story arcs, the series flows brilliantly without interruption. In fact, even by the end, there is enough loose threads to suggest a couple more storylines to come in the future. Among that, Kulan Gath’s reign of terror spreads further throughout the known lands, and an inevitable showdown with Red Sonja looms.

I enjoyed the “The Long Way Home” issues greatly, with the underwater action truly sensational, and the art by Homs flawless.

The bonus at the back of the hardcover is the reprinting of all the covers, including variants, from these issues. A cavalcade of different styles and fantastic splash pages from a superb variety of the industry’s best artists.

This is one of the best comic book series being printed today, Dynamite Entertainment pay true respect to the character, it’s a golden time for lovers of Red Sonja.

8 out of 10.


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