The QUESTION “Zen and Violence”

The QUESTION “Zen and Violence”

The QUESTION “Zen and Violence” tpb (DC, 2007). Collecting issues 1 to 6 of the 1987 series.

This is was my best friend’s favorite comic book series as we grew up as teens of the 1980s, with me collecting Marvel and he collecting DC. The title for this trade paperback (Zen and Violence) is perfect for this character and series, as the Question juggles mystic-inspired concentration with hardcore brutality. With no real super powers, the Question is foremost a detective, and a bloody good one.

The most enduring aspect of the character is that he will face a challenge head-on even though he is out-numbered, may probably lose and most definitely will get hurt. Brave. The sophisticated writing by Denny O’Neil is outstanding, equal to the cynical stories Alan Moore and Frank Miller were producing at the same time.

It’s a shame that it has taken 20 years for DC to produce a collection from this series, and it would be a bigger shame if DC did not continue to collect the remainder of this wonderful series.

8 out of 10


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