The INCREDIBLE HULK – PLANET HULK hardcover (Marvel, 2007) :


Containing #92 to 95, a short story from Giant-Size Hulk #1, #96 to 105, Amazing Fantasy #15 and the Planet Hulk guidebook.

Plot setup:

The Hulk has been betrayed, exiled from Earth by way of a rocket ship thanks to Reed Richards and his superhero buddies. With the approaching superhero Civil War looming, Reed felt it was better to have the Hulk sent to an uninhabited planet, where Hulk can’t hurt anyone and where Hulk could be left alone. However, the rocket’s coordinates gets diverted due to a wormhole, and the Hulk finds himself on a planet that is very much inhabited, and in fact actually dealing with a Civil War of their own!


Yeah.. umm.. this is awesome. Superbly written by Greg Pak, with a great story that gradually builds to a strong climax, with occasional moments of humor and some inspirational moments of dialog (on the rare moments when The Hulk actually said more than 2 words in a sentence!). I really don’t want to spoil too much of the story, but it’s the typical classic hero’s journey (almost anti-hero, in fact), of a guy just doing his own thing, somehow leading the oppressed to rise against their aggressors.

Despite not arriving at the peaceful planet he was promised, the Hulk grows to love the planet and his role in it (and we also get a brilliant cameo from a certain surfer dude in silver! = #95 is worth getting just by itself, btw!). As the story goes along, the Hulk gets stronger, and possibly even smarter, but a tragic finale just leaves him super angry, and ready to return to Earth and unleash World War Hulk!

Rating: 9 out of 10. Most definitely one of the best things I’ve read in recent years and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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