TORCHWOOD “Adrift” (S2E11 [No.24])

A Gwen Cooper-centric episode, in which she investigates a series of missing people around Cardiff over the past months.

A few weeks back I reported that Torchwood had its’ best episode of the second season with “A Day In The Death“, and after a couple average (though still entertaining) episodes, the show this week provided something even better, with “Adrift”.

An incredibly sad, emotional episode which I always believed would provide a happy ending, but instead gives us reality = more sadness.

Torchwood contains a great ensemble cast with a great variety of characters, and even though Captain Jack Harkness is the hero of the series, it’s Gwen Cooper that continues to carry the show. It’s difficult to believe that any other actress other than Eve Myles could do it better, either.

A special mention of the music score for this episode by series composer Ben Foster, which from start to finish was totally superb. I knew by the quality of the music in the opening minutes this episode was going to be something special.


Gwen Cooper
Torchwood - Adrift

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