SUPERMAN: For Tomorrow hardcovers

Superman - For Tomorrow 1 Superman - For Tomorrow 2

The FOR TOMORROW storyline was writer Brian Azzarello’s year long journey into the Superman mythos. Presented over two hardcovers, volume 1 is issues 204 to 209 and volume 2 is issues 210 to 215 of the Superman comic book series by DC Comics.

synopsis: “ Superman faces the mystery of how millions of people seemingly vanished without a trace – including the love of his life, Lois Lane – only to find that he may be partially responsible. But the solution to getting them back might prove too extreme, initiating a royal rumble with Wonder Woman! And after a battle with the deadly Equus, Superman comes face-to-face with the mysterious villain who has been responsible for turning his life upside-down!

This was a very poetic story from Azzarello, and really picks up in volume 2, when some of the questions are finally answered. It’s a rare delight to read a Superman story that is actually a Superman-centric story, rather than him being reactive to some larger external DC universe event. Wonder Woman and Batman make cameo appearances, helping Superman resolve some of his inner demons.

I’ve never really been a fan of Jim Lee’s art, even though I know he has a cult following and is a large influence over a generation of comic book artists, though I do find his work flawless in these issues.

I’m not so sure these hardcovers present real value of money, retailing for US$25 EACH. I would have thought collecting the entire storyline in one large hardcover for approx. US$30 would have been more appropriate. Though, I was fortunate to get both hardcovers together for a great price via eBay (AU$20 plus shipping).

7.5 out of 10.


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  1. Update: It seems that DC will be releasing FOR TOMORROW collected together as an over-sized ABSOLUTE edition in early 2009. However, with a price of US$99.99, I doubt I’ll be purchasing it!

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