Wonder Woman - Love and Murder

Wonder Woman “Love And Murder” hardcover contains issues 6 to 10.

Picking up the pieces left abandoned by Allan Heinberg’s run, writer Jodi Picoult embarks on Wonder Woman’s quest to resolve her humanity and place in a man’s world.

Diana Prince is working with Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) at the Department of Metahuman Affairs when assigned with the unusual task of capturing herself = Wonder Woman!

Soon after, the believed dead Circe has returned, and many things are not to be believed, once Diana’s most certainly dead mother returns, Queen Hippolyta.

Wonder Woman is imprisoned by the government, which causes Hippolyta to go into a rage, sending the Amazons to attack the USA. For Wonder Woman, nothing in the world seem to be real, except love and murder.

The first few issues of Picoult’s run is very enjoyable, I really like the working relationship between Diana and Tom. But the Amazons Attack “event” takes hold, and spins everything out of control. I feel sorry for Picoult, she was going in a good, clear direction but is soon side-tracked by DC Comic‘s external needs. Though she graciously reveals her joy and excitement for this project in the hardcover’s “introduction”, I do not share Picoult’s acceptance in the “to be continued…” finale to her run. It’s a slap in the face to herself and the readers…

7 out of 10.

Amazons Attack

Amazons Attack hardcover contains the 6 issue mini-series, written by Will Pfeifer.

The first 3 issues runs concurrently with the final issues of Jodi Picoult’s run on Wonder Woman, and doesn’t pick up from that “to be continued…” finale until issue 4. The first few issues here devote time to explaining several attacks occurring around the USA by the Amazons, in which the JLA play a major part in “saving the day”.

The remainder of this “event” is often confusing and sometimes convoluted, in a series of even more deceptions, strange explanations and more things that make no sense.

I find it more frustrating that the entire Amazons Attack event is not even contained in this hardcover, as monthly issues of Catwoman, Supergirl and Teen Titans were also effected by this sham, but are no where to be seen.

I put none of this to blame of writer Will Pfeifer, who I feel actually did a pretty good with the dialog and all the characters.

Overall, I’m really pissed off with DC for interrupting Picoult’s run on Wonder Woman with a pointless event. DC Comics seem to be continually sabotaging Wonder Woman, and with the big “Trinity” event happening this year I can’t help but think they plan to kill Diana Prince off! 😦

6 out of 10.


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