WONDER WOMAN “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Found”


Wonder Woman - Paradise Lost Wonder Woman - Paradise Found

Wonder Woman “Paradise Lost” tpb (issues 164 to 170) – Written and drawn by Phil Jimenez.

Beginning with the 4 part “Gods of Gotham” storyline (164 to 167), which sees Diana Prince enter the world of Gotham helping Batman battle his foes that have been possessed by ancient god monsters = Ho-Hum. Next up is the “Paradise Lost” story, in which a civil war is destroying Wonder Woman’s world; Themyscira (aka Paradise Island). Hippolyta (mother of Diana, and acts as Wonder Woman for Justice Society of America) decides to abolish all royal titles, leaving Diana without her royal title. Paradise seems lost.

7 out of 10.

Wonder Woman “Paradise Found” tpb (issues 171 to 177) – Written and drawn by Phil Jimenez. Themyscira is destroyed and Wonder Woman is badly injured fighting among her superhero friends in the “Worlds at War” saga (171 to 173), but it is Hippolyta to the rescue, in a sacrificial act showing her undeniable love for her daughter.  The 3-part story “The Witch & The Warrior” is quite forgettable and confusing, as she battles a world of men infected in behaving like wild animals. In issue 177, Wonder Woman decides to rebuild a New Themyscira, this time located in the Bermuda Triangle. Thus, Paradise is found.

7 out of 10.

In summary, the Phil Jimenez first year run on Wonder Woman is a frustrating experience. It is highlighted by some outstanding issues, but the series is constantly interrupted by external events of the DC universe. Issue 170, in which Lois Lane follows Diana Prince around for 24 hours is one of the best Wonder Woman stories of all time (and that’s not just my opinion, as this issue is in fact also presented in the Wonder Woman – Greatest Stories Ever Told tpb). Sadly, “Paradise Found” was difficult and at times a chore to read (though, the last 2 issues were beautiful). Sometimes, I wasn’t sure if I still reading a Wonder Woman comic!?

Note: Phil Jimenez went on to write and draw another year of Wonder Woman, but these issues have yet to be collected into a trade paperback.


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