WONDER WOMAN “Who is Wonder Woman?”

Who is Wonder Woman

This post-Infinite Crisis WONDER WOMAN “Who Is Wonder Woman?” hardcover contains issues 1 to 4 and the conclusion from the 2007 Annual.

I’m going to overlook Allan Heinberg’s much delayed completion of this story (apparently writing/producing TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy” is time consuming!?), and will review this hardcover on “face value”.

Storywise, Diana Prince has resumed from her one year exile, ready to take on the role of Wonder Woman, which has been held by her “sister” Donna Troy, while absent.

Diana Prince has now taken up the role of secret agent with the Department of Metahuman Affairs, but is torn between choosing her life in the role of a human or as a goddess. Personally, I’ve actually always preferred Diana Prince in the super spy/ambassador role.

Heinberg’s story isn’t too bad, and the dialog is often quite excellent and Terry Dodson’s art is never confusing to the eye.It’s not a classic, but it’s a competent re-boot of the character, clearly re-established her origin, purpose and environment.

6.5 out of 10.


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