BATMAN “The Man Who Laughs” hardcover

BATMAN - The Man Who Laughs

BATMAN “The Man Who Laughs” hardcover contains the Original Graphic Novel from 2005, and a 3-part story from Detective Comics #784-788 titled “Made of Wood”.

The link between the two tales is they are both written by Ed Brubaker, and perhaps coincidentally, feature Commissioner Gordon. I’m suspecting that DC Comics are trying to release anything and everything Batman before the Dark Knight film is released!

The Man Who Laughs” is a flashback story featuring an early confrontation between Batman and the Joker. “Made of Wood” is actually a superior tale with Alan Scott , the original Green Lantern, helping Batman solve a fifty years old murder mystery.

Two well-crafted tales, Batman is at his best when he’s being a detective, and Ed Brubaker knows that best!

7 out of 10.


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