JUSTICE LEAGUE “The New Frontier”

Justice League - The New Frontier

Tonight I watched the JUSTICE LEAGUE “The NEW FRONTIER” animated movie.

I was slightly disappointed. I’ve yet to read the mini-series this cartoon is based upon (I would like to, one day, though), so at least I did not have that to cloud my judgment, either.

The storytelling felt a bit dull. Technically, the animation had some great moments, but was also generally lackluster, too. The music was below average, often repetitive and sometimes inappropriate. Numerous times I found it distracting and annoying.

Certainly deserving of its PG-13 rating, as there is a couple violent scenes, too.

However, the voice cast is very impressive – David Boreanaz (Hal Jordan), Miguel Ferrer (Martian Manhunter), Neil Patrick Harris (Barry Allen/The Flash), Lucy Lawless (Wonder Woman), Kyle MacLachlan (Superman), Kyra Sedgwick (Lois Lane), Jeremy Sisto (Batman) and Brooke Shields (Carol Ferris) – though many of them grossly under-used.

Quite simply, this was a good animation movie, but not as great as it should have been. At times it became a chore to watch, and I honestly nearly fell asleep!

6.5 out of 10.


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