DMZ “On The Ground”

DMZ - On The Ground

DMZ volume 1 – “On The Ground” tpb (2006) collects the first 5 issues of Brian Wood’s Vertigo (DC) series, about an alternate future in which America is divided by a 21st century civil war.

The series follows Matt Roth, an intern news photographer who finds himself stranded in “no man’s land” Manhattan, and in need of new friends and help.

Typical of a Vertigo series, the story doesn’t go soft with its’ dialog, and the art by Riccardo Burchielli is suitably violent.

Surprisingly, the majority of the chapters work well enough alone, issue 3 is especially excellent, and the snow art in issue 4 is superb, but all 5 issues help establish the characters and their environment.

A good start, and recommended for anyone very familiar with the layout of New York City.

7 out of 10.


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