FUTURAMA “Bender’s Big Score”

FUTURAMA - Bender’s Big Score

This week sees the long-awaited release in Australia of FUTURAMA “Bender’s Big Score”, a direct to DVD release, and the first new Futurama episode since Fox failure to “renew” the TV show over four years ago! Presented at a long tele-movie, at almost 90 minutes, the show is also formated to wide-screen dimensions.

The movie is good, without being outstanding. Perhaps a little light on laughs, and the pace of the show lagged at times, but the numerous in-jokes and Bender quips is what the show has always been about, for me.

Very early into the episode, I managed to guess the “big reveal” of the finale, so that might have diminished the impact of the tale, but I still enjoyed the show (I love “time paradox” stuff) and greatly welcome the return of one of my favorite TV shows of all time!

7 out of 10.


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