Movie Review: RAMBO (2008)

Rambo tickets

Today I saw RAMBO for the third time. Though in recent years I have seen many films twice at the cinema, it has been many years since I liked a movie enough to see it at least three times.

I really love Rambo. It isn’t the greatest film of all time, nor probably this year, though arguably the best of all Rambo films, as it delivers exactly what it should = hardcore graphic violence action!

To be honest, I’m totally fed-up with the formulaic romantic-comedy, by-the-numbers suspense movies and period-piece drama crap that seems to dominate the movie industry at the moment. In comparison, getting back to mindless 1980s action is a dream come to true!

The biggest highlight for me is the outstanding film score by Brian Tyler. Jerry Goldsmith is my favorite film music composer of all time, and his music for the original Rambo trilogy sets the benchmark for this genre of film. Tyler’s score is a homage to Goldsmith’s music, while beautifully extending the major themes and making them his own. 🙂

9 out of 10.


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