Xena - Dark Xena

Tonight I read Xena volume 2 “Dark Xena” tpb, containing issues 1 to 4 of the second series and Annual #1 by Dynamite Entertainment.

The “Dark Xena” story actually takes place before the events seen in volume 1, but that really isn’t of concern, as the tale almost acts as a What If?, and is actually Gabrielle-centric adventure, anyway. It’s good fun and the art is excellent, sacrificing perfect likeness for improved characterization instead.

The trade paperback concludes with the “Strange Visitor” story from the Annual, in which Xena battles a Predator-clone. I can’t help think that this story was written or drawn by someone incorrectly believing Xena is still being published by Dark Horse (who still hold the license of the Predator franchise).

Overall, entertaining without being outstanding. I’m glad Dynamite Entertainment are keeping the franchise alive and look forward to more Xena in the future!

Score: 7 out of 10.


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